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Our Mission

ALO's mission is to provide funding and resources to support the Louisville Orchestra, to create opportunities for youth to excel in performing and appreciating symphonic music, and to broaden the audience and support of the Louisville Orchestra throughout the region.

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The ALO continues to be one of the top contributors to the LO, donating more than $2.5 million since its inception in 1944.  Comprised of 350 members and led by a 35-member board, its volunteers raise money and awareness for the LO by hosting themed, unique dinner parties, bus trips to interesting venues and other special events throughout the community.  100% of ticket prices go to support the ALO; hosts underwrite all costs of the events. 

Current Newsletter

2019 ALO Board Members


Mona Newell, President

Randi Austin, Communications

Rita Bell, Parliamentarian

Sue Bench, Corresponding Secretary

Ann Decker, Treasurer

Carol Hebel, President’s Appointee

Paula Harshaw, Winona Shiprek, and Anne Tipton, Hospitality

Carolyn Marlowe, Recording Secretary

Michele Oberst, Ways and Means

Liz Rorke, Young Artists Competition

Marguerite Rowland, Membership

Members at Large

June Creek

Markie Baxter

Helen Davis

Janet Falk

Margie Harbst

Deanna Heleringer

Sara Huggins

Peg Irvin

Jeanne James

Marcia Murphy

Nancy Naxera

Dottie Nix

Roycelea Scott

Ruth Scully

Mollie Smith

Suzanne Spencer

Harriet Treitz

Lindsay Vallandingham

Carol Whayne

Suzanne Whayne