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The ALO would love to congratulate Teddy Abrams, pianist Yuja Wang, and our Louisville Orchestra on their recent win of the Grammy® Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo! We have always known the incredible talent performing on our Louisville stage and we’re thrilled that the world knows it too! Teddy shared his thoughts on the award recently, saying,


“As a musician, you don't really believe winning a Grammy is actually likely. Until it becomes a reality. And that was the feeling the other night when they announced that the American Project had won! Writing this concerto for my dear friend Yuja Wang was both a dream come true and a sobering challenge, as her virtuosity and courage know no bounds. I wanted to showcase her as the artist I have known since our days at Curtis, whose technique has no limits and whose willingness to partner with me and the orchestra is deeply sincere.

I also want to give a massive shout out to the Louisville Orchestra, who embraced the difficult score and put their hearts into every measure at every rehearsal and performance. Also, kudos to Chris Kincaid, our incredible audio engineer who made the live recording sound so good. And finally to David Frost, our producer, who pulled all the threads together and delivered, what is now turned out to be, a Grammy-award winning album! Go Louisville.”


Wow, Teddy! We couldn’t have said it better. Congratulations!

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