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ALO remains committed to our mission for more than 75 years of providing funding to the Louisville Orchestra and encouraging youth appreciation of symphonic music.  Even during during COVID-19, there were on-going expenses being incurred by the LO.  It was vital that we keep our gifted musicians in Louisville and support them as they continued to engage in skill development and bringing music to the community whenever and wherever possible. When our community emerged from social distancing, we wanted to be part of a vibrant arts city and ensure that Louisville can once again enjoyed our fantastic orchestra.

Our ambitious goal during the COVID-19 pandemic was to donate $90,000 to the Louisville Orchestra. We reached that goal at the end of 2020. We are so grateful to the ALO Board and members, a la Carte hosts and attendees, as well as community groups and friends for generous contributions that made this possible. We ask for your continued support.

Won't you consider giving what you can?  Donations of all amounts are welcome and needed. Please join us in our mission to keep the music playing.

Please go here to make your donation.

If you do not see the amount you want to donate, Ann can help. Send her a message at Contact Us and she will reach back to you with a call. Checks in the amount you prefer, payable to ALO, can be sent to: Attn: Ann Decker, ALO, 620 W. Main St, Suite 600, Louisville, KY 40202.



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