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Sponsored by the Association of the Louisville Orchestra

To apply or for more information go to:

ELIGIBILITY: Students must be in grades 5 – 12 and currently studying with teachers in Kentucky or Indiana and Ohio Counties within a radius of 125 miles from Louisville.


DIVISIONS: Each division will be limited to twenty (20) participants with priority determined by receipt of completed applications.

  1. Strings Grades 5 – 8  (Junior Division)

  2. Strings Grades 9 -12 (Senior Division)

  3. Piano & Harp Grades 5 – 12 (Junior & Senior Divisions)

  4. Winds & Percussion 9 -12  (Senior Division)


REPERTOIRE: The music performed must be a memorized concerto of your choice and must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.  If the movement is longer, please apply appropriate cuts in the Tutti sections. Applicants should play the entire movement in both the Preliminaries and the Finals. Orchestral accompaniment must include no fewer than 15 orchestra musicians and/or entire string section.

Each applicant shall provide his/her own accompanist and should list the accompanist’s name on the application form at the time of submission.  Applicants must provide an extra copy of the music for the judges.  The copy will be returned to the applicant after the competition.


PRELIMINARIES: Preliminary judges will select a maximum of three (3) finalists from each division who will advance to the Finals Recital.  Each of these finalists will receive a $50.00 award, a voucher for two (2) tickets to a Louisville Orchestra Classics Concert and a participant certificate.

FINALS: Judges will select a maximum of three (3) winners.  The 1st Place Winner will be presented with a “Performance Award”, an invitation to perform as a guest soloist with the Louisville Orchestra, a $750.00 cash award, a gift voucher for two (2) Louisville Orchestra Classic Concert season series and a finalist certificate.  The 2nd and 3rd Place Winners will receive a $500.00 cash award, a gift voucher for two (2) Louisville Orchestra Classic Concert season series and a finalist certificate.

FUTURE ELIGIBILITY: All applicants, if otherwise eligible, may compete in the same or higher division the following year, according to the entrant’s new grade in school.  However, a ”Performance Award” cannot be awarded to the same student for two successive years in the same division.



Preliminaries:  Only the student’s teacher and the accompanist may be present.

Finals Recital:  This competition/performance is open to the public and is held at the University of  Louisville School of Music.  


APPLICATION:   Application form to be completed and returned with a $30.00 application fee. 

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