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To provide funding and resources to support the Louisville Orchestra.

To create opportunities for youth to excel in performing and appreciating symphonic music.

To broaden the audience and support of the Louisville Orchestra throughout the region. 



Join us to keep the music playing!

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The Association of the Louisville Orchestra, Inc. is excited to announce the winners of

the 2023 Young Artist Competition.  We thank all of the youth who participated in our competition.  The artists were outstanding!!!!!







1st Place

Erica Nam

2nd Place

Grace Kim

3rd Place

Christy Kim

Honorable Mention


Serving as ALO’s President is such a privilege!  It is a unique opportunity to witness the dedication and diligence of the ALO

Board of Directors, as well as the energy, enthusiasm, and extraordinary support of ALO members and the community for

their beloved Louisville Orchestra.


The past two years have been difficult on us all.  In 2020, when in-person concerts and meetings ceased throughout the

world, the Association could have relaxed and waited for the pandemic to pass. Instead, ALO took the down time as an

opportunity to innovate and improve its outreach.  The ALO looked to digital tools, newsletters, and other communications,

enabling the Association to remain in touch with members and reach out to potential new members.  


Without the ability to hold a la Carte events and parties, the ALO Board made the decision to send an “invitation to give.” 

ALO’s members and friends enthusiastically and generously helped the ALO reach its 2020 pledge of $90,000 donated to

the Orchestra. In the latter part of 2021, with pandemic requirements still in place and adjustments made accordingly,

ALO resumed À la Carte, with several well attended events and parties through December. ALO again achieved its goal,

a pledge of $75,000 to the LO.


Since the annual Young Artist Competition could not be held in-person in the Fall of 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic, we

developed an all-virtual Young Artist Competition each year where students submitted video applications for adjudication by

our judges. The winners of both year’s competitions had an opportunity to perform live with the Orchestra in their 2021-2022



The year 2022 brought us all hope for relief from this brutal pandemic. We have re-invigorated À la Carte with exciting new

parties and some old favorites. To date, at least 8 of those parties have sold out thanks to your patronage!


 In October 2022, the Young Artist Competition was back and brilliant as ever! Young musicians from around the region

competed in person once again at University of Louisville’s School of Music. Changes to the Competition this year made it

more exciting than ever before! For the first time ever, any musician from throughout the state of Kentucky or 125 miles from

Louisville was encouraged to perform. Additionally, we removed many repertoire restrictions allowing students to perform

more contemporary works. It was so exciting to hear students perform works by not only Mozart and Beethoven, but those

by Samuel Barber and Aaron Copland as well! We are excited to volunteer our time and talents to the Orchestra’s Education

and Community Outreach programs once again. The ALO plays a key role in public outreach events, including family

concerts and the "Once Upon an Orchestra" program at Louisville Metro Libraries.


Perhaps most importantly, we will fulfill our pledge to the Louisville Orchestra once again this year ensuring that Teddy

Abrams and our incredible musicians have the resources they need to expand upon the exciting projects, concerts, and

community outreach they continue to provide to our community and the Commonwealth. We’re eager to see what they

dream up next!


We are so excited for what is to come! 2023 promises to bring an appealing new slate of À la Carte parties and events. The

ALO Membership continues to grow and flourish. Community volunteer efforts continue with the LO. The Young Artist

Competition is poised to be bigger and more diverse than ever! You should be so proud of the incredible work your

organization is doing throughout the community! I hope you will stay tuned for all of the extraordinary progress and reach

out if you’re interested in participating personally!


ALO is grateful to you for your volunteerism, your monetary contributions, and your desire to grow Louisville Orchestra

audiences for the future. Thank you!


With gratitude,


Lindsay Vallandingham

ALO President


Mona Sturgeon Newell

ALO Immediate Past President

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